Naturezz Topper



7.5x180x200 (+ - 2- 3 cm) 7.5x150x200 (+ - 2- 3 cm) 7.5x105x200 (+ - 2- 3 cm)





There are ventilation holes with a honeycomb structure to support the body's 7 key points, help rearrange the bones, sleep comfortably, relax, and have high flexibility. The structure of the spine is in a straight line in every position of sleep
Helps spread the pressure on the organs, reducing back pain. shoulders and nape of the neck, increasing a deep sleep, helping the blood circulation
1. good circulation helps to relax the muscles no back pain
2. Another good feature of the latex mattress is that there is no noise when other's moving, so it does not disturb the partner when turning over.
3. Reduce pain. Sleep with comfortable, relaxed, not keep or store the heat
4. Extremely durable, flexible, has a spring force to embrace the body, non-toxic in the production process, does not cause bacteria. Free from allergens and dust mites
5. The mattress is cool and comfortable without accumulating heat.
6. Long useful life up to 10 years, definitely worth it.
maintains the density of foam rubber even tje room temperature changes Unlike the MEMORY FORM mattress, the density changes according to the temperature.
It has medium softness, Density 85 level, feels soft on the skin but flexible throughout the sheet, not too soft or too hard.
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