Truly rest is not only our daily routine life,but the best way to rehabilitate your body and soul,
Let's nature heals your sleep and rest at the fullest in everyday. " SLEEP Naturally " 

Anti-Dust Mites & Microbes

Experience the exceptional comfort and allergy-friendly benefits of our Natural Latex Mattresses in Thailand, with dust mite resistance and antimicrobial properties for a long-lasting sleep solution.


Breathable & Air Flow

Our Natural Mattress, made with breathable latex foam, offers a unique ventilation system that adjusts temperature during sleep. promoting uninterrupted nights of rest with enhanced airflow  and moisture control.

More Supportive & Durable

Latex foam is very durable and retain its shape structure even after many years of use. Because it can prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes, there is no microorganism to destroy the internal structure of the foam. Therefore, latex mattresses and pillows can last a very long time.


Relaxing & Comfort

The products made of latex foam are luxurious and naturally restorative sleeping that provide an extraordinary level of body therapy and support. Because of the inherent elastic but firm qualities of Natural latex mattresses and pillows made of latex foam do not sag, but conform to the body, offering a relaxing and orthopedically correct sleeping position.

Eco Friendly & Hygienic

Latex foam products are made from 100% natural rubber which can be biodegradable and recyclable. It is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The products fit for hyper-allergenic people and also those who are looking for authentic healthy solutions.

Our Categories Products
Natural Latex Matress

Carefully designed according to ergonomic principles of natural latex mattress with good air permeability, strong resilience the human body can be a very good cushion pressure, the effective promotion of sleep, and durable, never deformation.
Natural Latex Pillow

Knobby is a large orthopedic pillow, it consists of two rollers with two different height levels which support the cervical spine in the correct physiological position
during sleep.
Natural Latex Topper Picnic

Latex Topper Picnic, "Naturezz Travel" Latex topper picnic provides most convenience as you go anywhere, It can be nicely fold and perfectly packed in a carrying bag
Sleep naturally and healthily
no matter where you are, with Naturezz
  • Naturezz Product is specially designed for neck and back pain problems.
  • Our Latex Topper is designed with 7 zones technology to support the whole body best.
  • Our Latex product has produced at a high-quality standard
  • Our Latex product is designed to focus on the Density level providing the most comfortable.
  • Our Latex product has widely trusted by physical therapy professionals and is mostly used in physical clinics in Thailand to solve problems of neck & back pain, and chronic insomnia.
Naturezz in Leading Department Store

We have now located in 2 locations Thaphra and Bangkapi at The Mall Department Store,a leading mall in Bangkok and 1 location at Korat, a major province in Thailand

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